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Equilibre Oils

Our company has been established on the Canaries for 20 years and, since then, we have been focusing both on alternative treatment methods and ethereal essences as well as essential oils. Before starting this particular kind of treatment, we worked with Bach flowers and acquired substantial experience in the field of curative treatment of body and mind.

Enthusiasm and gratification highlight our motivation in seeking to offer solutions by helping people help themselves, something which we pass on with each of our products. Ecological, human and systematic conduct forms the basis of our company's philosophy.

We have named our oils Equilibre – equilibrium – and wish focus on helping each user to rediscover his inner balance.
There are 10 different oil compositions that serve distinct purposes. They vary in their formula and thus in their vibration. Each one of us has his own individual vibration. When we are under stress, succumb to grief or live happily or relaxed and in harmony, this affects our vibration which in turn influences our health or disease pattern.

Equilibre Oils are composed of various ethereal oils, herbal tinctures, energetic vibrations from different Canarian flowers and trees, as well as several minerals, which are invariably geared to restore our natural equilibrium and harmony.

Our oils are made of all natural 100 % ethereal essences as well as various base oils, such as St. John's wort, grape seed, apricot kernel oils, etc. Ethereal essences are used in aroma therapy as health stimulants, as their scent turns on the self-healing power of people. Therefore, Equilibre Oils shall not only be applied on the body but shall also be breathed in through the nose.

Some pictures of the information, which are additionally contained in the Equilibre Oils

No. 1: Rescue Oil

Rescue Oil is an ethereal oil mixture which may be used to relieve all bodily injuries. Rescue Oil activates and supports the self-healing power of the body. We shall be pleased to advise you on the special use of this ethereal oil mixture. Ideally, we would ask you to contact us by phone or to send us an email.


No. 2: Purification Oil

Purification Oil is an extremely high-vibration oil and eminently suited to increase your energy level, to clean the electromagnetic field, to clean interference zones, to increase your vibration. Each sickness has its specific vibration; if the vibration changes the disease pattern will change, too. Purification is an oil which helps you to become clear-headed and clear-minded, it increases concentration – it is a marvellous helper to meet the challenges of school or work performance and strengthens the mind. It provides freshness and renewed vigour and improves flexibility.


No. 3: Power Oil

Power Oil is an essential oil mixture that helps you to get into motion quickly again. At times of higher energy loss, stress, sickness, Power Oil is a fast helper to restore your energy again. The oil strengthens the kidney meridian and, when suffering from panic attacks, it quickly helps to focus on the basics again; thoughts that keep spinning in your head will harmonize themselves.


No. 4: Delight Oil

Delight oil brings back the joy of life, the laughter and the sun. If you feel depressed, listless and void of joy, Delight is the perfect oil for you; it brings back lightness, joy and confidence.


No. 5: Relaxation Oil

Relaxation Oil is the mixture to relax your body and mind completely; it loosens muscle tensions and releases stress and strain from your system. Very relaxing, also as bath additive or may be used in an aroma lamp.


No. 6: Inner Child Oil

Inner Child has been created for both small and big children. Due to its soothing effect, it helps to sleep better, to relax the digestive tract and to give a deep feeling of emotional security. It may be safely administered to infants for all kinds of stomach cramps or flatulence. Due to its gentle vibration it helps adults to feel emotionally secure like a baby.


No. 7: Easy Going Oil

Easy Going is an ethereal oil mixture that helps you to relax the solar plexus and gives you power and strength to vouch for yourself; it strengthens the self-confidence and works like a protective shield that helps you to remain with yourself, it helps to relax the muscles in the abdominal region.


No. 8: Feminity Oil

Feminity is a smooth but very intensely acting oil for women, but is also likewise suited for men and children. As soon as the oil has been administered, the corresponding body part grows warm and forwards this information to relax, to harmonize and to de-stress the mind. It works as stimulant and aphrodisiac


No. 9: Recovery Oil

Recovery Oil is a drainage oil, it stimulates the lymph activity and thus the regeneration forces of our body and above all it helps to get rid of unnecessary dead weight. Recovery Oil is a valuable helper for all kind of massages and relaxation techniques, since it relieves both nervous tensions and helps to relax the muscular system, and, due to the stimulation of the blood flow, it warms and loosens up each muscle. It is a valuable help for all those who have problems to relax or who are trapped in a rigid pattern. You will feel more flexible and relaxed within and on the outside. It provides help for people who are in pain, f. ex. who suffer from osteoarthritis.


No. 10: Feel Free Oil

Feel Free is an ethereal oil mixture that helps you to feel relaxed and free, as the name implies; it is an oil that provides fast relief for anxiety and panic attacks. It relaxes the whole nervous system and helps to calm down the rotating thoughts and quickly helps to restore clear-headedness.

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